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Top 10 Projects of AlphaGraphics; A 2022 Recap

 2022 – What a year! We had the opportunity to work on some incredible projects. None of these fun projects would be possible without our incredible customers, spanning throughout Southeast Idaho.

AlphaGraphics’ Christmas Gift to all Employees

What started out as a simple idea quickly became an AlphaGraphics employee gift that topped them all.



The decision to create our very own AlphaGraphics Clue game was an easy choice because it lent itself so well to customization. The game was complete with each of our locations in Idaho, Wyoming and Utah. Once we made each room our store location, we individualized the game for each employee. It was fun to test our limits outside of our regular client work and create a little masterpiece we can all be proud of and have a great time with.

Customized Gift Box for MX

One of our fabulous clients, MX, hosted a sales summit at Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah and came to us with the idea of putting together a box to give to everyone who went to the summit.   


We started with a whiskey tumbler, with a mountain formed in the base. Next, we added actual slate stone coasters, topped with an amazing packing option. We used a topographic map with a 3D lid and a 6-layer die cut feature. MX decided on a two-color, foil-stamped, hand-wrapped kraft stock with ribboned lid - the works! 


Our clients had an incredible response once these boxes were shipped out. We’re so glad it got them the results they were looking for, all while being a fun project for us to work on.

BSU Booklets

The Boise State University print shop tasked us to put together a customized booklet that would be sent to all 20,000 prospective students. We used a special sandpaper-type of coating that makes the famous Blue Turf seem so real when you see it in the booklet. We also used embossing and created tabs, finished with a perfect bound.

We love working with great colleges like BSU to create durable booklets that so many prospective students will see. 


Design and Installation for KW

We love a good project that we help create from conception to printing, to installation. This large-format project added a sleek appearance in their office and was so fun to create. 

Utah State Stadium Installation

The Utah State stadium was a fun project from the very beginning. There’s no feeling like installing signage that the whole community will appreciate and enjoy. The project involved removing the old vinyl and installing a blue vinyl for the background with white lettering on top. The total install was 77 ft x50 in. so it required a lift and a few of our installation personnel. The wind was a challenge as the stadium intensified it, along with heat from the sun on the metal panels but our team had a blast and the signage turned out great.

TruNorth Installation

TruNorth in Rexburg, Idaho asked us to do a large installation in their office and it turned out incredible! The ambiance in their office completely changed, in the best way possible. 

Billboard Sign for Congressman John Curtis

Did you know we do billboard signs? And fast? Congressman John Curtis contacted us on a Thursday afternoon and needed a billboard sign up by the following Wednesday. We obtained all the details we needed and quickly produced and installed the sign. 

We were so honored to help with his political campaign and see a smile on his face. 

Bish’s RV Event Cutout

We love when customers want to create something creative and interactive. Bish’s RV in Boise, Idaho hosted an event and needed a sign with faces cut out so attendees could have their pictures taken. An additional frame needed to be built so it would be self-standing. The cutout was a huge success. We may have taken a few pictures of ourselves in it before delivering it to the customer.


Office Signage at Trane Technologies 

We love to spruce up a space any chance we can get with high-quality signage and lettering. Trane Technologies asked us to install a large matte vinyl wall wrap with PVC dimensional letters. Their reception desk wall included a wood panel and reverse halo LED lighting with their logo. 

This dimensional signage took their office to the next level.

Primary Children's Hospital Graphics

Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City needed new graphics on their windows and we were so ecstatic to help. In typical Utah fashion, we were fighting rain, snow and freezing cold temperatures during the installation but nevertheless, we finished it and couldn’t be happier with the result. Primary Children’s is an integral part of the SLC community and we’re glad we could do our part to help.





Looking back, we are fortunate to have completed a lot of fun and exciting projects. We wouldn’t have been able to do any of these without our customers and our highly-trained team of professionals. If you have a project in mind, we’d love to sit down and discuss how we can turn your idea into a reality. Click here to contact us today.



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