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Signs That Every Educator Should Have

Being versatile at heart, signs are especially crucial in education, providing information and direction on and around school grounds. Our team at AlphaGraphics in Idaho Falls print only the best signs, ensuring quality, price, and turnaround time is aligned with our customer’s expectations. Learn how posters, banners, flags, window graphics and yard signs can play a large role on your school campus. 


Posters aren’t just for a teenager’s bedroom, but can be taped or hung on any wall of your business. Most posters include school information, upcoming events or simple directions. Posters are subtle in size but are visible to anyone looking around campus.


Banners are all around us. We see them on our walks, at events, in stores, etc.  They point us in the right direction or educate people on an event or campaign messaging. Most of all, they build rapport with students. Custom banners, whether indoor or out, are alternative advertising tools that can create high impact communications that will elevate your message.

Banners are completely customizable, since materials and solutions offered at AlphaGraphics are endless. This allows customers to make signage and create the exact marketing tool that fits their needs.


Flags are a great way to grab the attention of all passerby, whether they’re on campus or off. Flags, when conveniently placed, can let people know a mile ahead of any event, building or campaign. We help educators create bright, large outdoor flags to draw more foot traffic or indicate “this is the place”.

Window Graphics

Most school buildings have windows throughout the building, so why not use up that real estate for important messaging? Whether you’re looking to promote or inform with temporary images or permanent branding, we’ve got you covered.

Window graphics are an excellent way to make use of valuable space—the area that tends to draw the most attention. Bright colors and images convey an impression of quality and expertise that mismatched signage or window painting never will.