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Three Ways to Strengthen your Marketing Strategy

Marketing, although a broad terminology, is crucial to any business practice. Finding customers, creating brand awareness and appealing to the masses can seem complicated, but our marketing experts at AlphaGraphics in Idaho Falls can help scale and maintain your business. Whether you’re in real estate looking to turn your next open house into a sale, in politics looking for devoted supporters, or in construction looking to turn your site into a lead generating powerhouse, target a specific audience to ensure the best results through direct mail, promotional products, branding, and more. 

Direct Mail

To some, direct mail can seem old school. Still being highly effective, it’s a strategy we keep in any marketing campaign. AlphaGraphics in Idaho Falls can help you identify your target market and build a database of customers and prospects. After writing the perfect message best suited for your audience, we help produce and send your materials and track results throughout the entire campaign.  In the digital age we live in, more and more mailboxes are emptier than they used to be. But that doesn’t mean it’s lost its impact. Your postal service-delivered solicitation has a much better chance to stand out in that smaller pile of mail that lands on your consumers desk. For most direct mailers, the goal is to drive traffic. Think you don’t have a message good enough for direct mail? We can help you personalize and craft the perfect messaging tailored for lead generation. Realtors can promote open houses or industry updates, construction companies can advertise their latest projects and deals. No matter the industry, the benefit of direct mail stays the same.  Direct mail services include but are not limited to:
  • Email marketing
  • Cards and invitations
  • Postcards
  • ePublications
  • Promotional items
  • Mobile marketing
  • Envelopes

Promotional Products

Did you know that promotional products have been used for more than two centuries to spark interest in a brand or promote a message? George Washington wasn’t just our first president but was the first to use commemorative buttons to help him win the presidential election. Political campaigns might not hinge on buttons nowadays but still goes to show the power promotional products can have on any marketing campaign.  Printed with your company’s name, logo and message are a great, tangible way for consumers to stay top of mind. These products are items used to promote services, products, organizations and awareness with your target audience in mind. AlphaGraphics in Idaho Falls offers thousands of products to completely customize and brand, including t-shirts, hats, pens and much more. Free swag and engaging giveaways are a simple power play to increase involvement and relationship building with your company.  But why invest in these products? Here are a few reasons we personally love offering promotional products.
  • Affordability
  • Brand Recognition
  • Persuasion
  • Positive impressions
  • Long-term engagement


Do you spot new construction in the community? How many times do we look around to get a glimpse of the new building to see what is being added to the town? More times than none, the first thing local community members look for is signage to give them a sliver of information. This is a prime example of influential signage and outdoor banners doing their job. Turn any construction site into a lead generation powerhouse. This is true for most businesses and the power of effective branding. By having your logo plastered and many different channels, such as signs, banners, pens, car wraps, you can be sure to get maximum exposure. How many marketing “touches” will your business need to convert a lead into a customer? Much less when branding is at the core of your business. 

Start Today

Marketing is necessary to sell any product or service, that’s a basic fact. The ability to market to your target audience isn’t always easy. Branding, promotional products and direct mail are essential to a complete marketing plan but are only the beginning. Our marketing and design experts can help create a marketing campaign completely customized to your goals and audience. See how our full-service marketing team can help today.

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