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Make Your Next Trade Show the Best Event Ever

According to, trade shows are the second-largest and fastest-growing source of B2B revenue in the US. Whether you are a trade show host or vendor, the power of effective branding and design makes a world of difference to stand out from your competition. Ensure a positive brand experience by using an updated logo, promotional materials, signage, direct mail, etc. Our marketing and design experts at AlphaGraphics in Idaho Falls can help give your brand a whole new look just in time for trade show season. 

Brand Refresh 

A brand refresh is a perfect way to enhance your company’s look and appeal to the public eye. Maybe your current branding is outdated or you’ve experienced company growth. Regardless of the reason, a brand refresh can ensure the right attraction from the right target audience. A brand update can be as simple as giving a dull-looking brand a facelift. Fixing the smallest aspects of your aesthetic can have the biggest results, even if it’s simply changing the fonts or colors. Is your brand still resonating with your target marketplace? Stay ahead of the curve by talking to our design experts to make the biggest splash at your next trade show. 

Marketing Campaigns

Looking for a good way to advertise for your next trade show? A marketing campaign can maximize success for every event, starting with your messaging. Whether through direct mail, social media or email campaigns, you can target your ideal consumer to make sure they don’t miss out. Relay important dates, giveaways, and information in your branded campaign through print collateral and digital marketing Just like any other marketing campaign, be sure to plan your strategy around a key set of goals. Not only will this help measure the success of your event through attendance, but having a clear direction on all marketing efforts. Marketing services offered:
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Graphic/logo design
  • Website design/development
  • Lead generation
  • Email & SM marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • So much more

Collateral Design

Consistency and cohesiveness in your company’s messaging is imperative to your brand messaging, starting with print collateral. Branded, printed materials are a great way to stand out among the noise of a trade show. When you work with our team of printers and designers, feel confident that your high-quality signs, banners and business cards will make the lasting impression they were made to do. Having a consistent theme and message to your branding eliminates any confusion while building a strong brand presence at any event.  The first thing any attendee will lay eyes on is your booth structure. The size, the colors, the signage -- it all plays one big part in making an impact. To make your booth the talk of any trade show, enhance your collateral design to convey your overarching message. Your signage and printed collateral will be the largest and most significant material that will represent your brand. Each visual cue, color and graphic is key to effective signage that will draw visitors to your booth.  Signage to update with your rebrand:
  • Banners
  • Building signs
  • Window vinyl
  • Interior signs
  • Kiosk signs
  • Etc.

Promotional Products

Promotional products printed with your company’s name, logo and message are a great, tangible way for consumers to stay top of mind. AlphaGraphics in Idaho Falls offers thousands of products to completely customize and brand, including t-shirts, hats, pens and much more. Free swag and engaging giveaways are another power play at a trade show to increase involvement and relationship building with your company. Trade show hosts and vendors alike can benefit from any and all promotional products to make your trade show live on long after the doors close.  Promotional products to offer:
  • T-shirts
  • Pens
  • Water bottles
  • Keychains
  • Hats
  • And much more

Direct Mail

Direct mail is dead? Think again. Lots of mailboxes are emptier than they used to be, solely because of the turn of digital marketing. But that doesn’t mean it’s lost its impact. Your postal service-delivered solicitation has a much better chance to stand out in that smaller pile of mail that lands on your consumers desk. For most trade show direct mailers, the goal is to drive traffic to your trade show event/booth. This can be accomplished in many ways including:
  • Offering a white paper or other information
  • Promoting a special offer or discount
  • Inviting prospects to your trade show booth
  • Inviting prospects to the actual trade show
  • Giving consumers the chance to see a new product before it reaches the market
Direct mail services include:
  • Cards and invitations
  • Postcards
  • ePublications
  • Promotional items
  • Mobile marketing
  • Envelopes

Get Started Today

Trade shows and other events are a great way to get your business out there and build your clientele. To make the most out of every event, our marketing and design experts will help every step of the way. Don’t know where to start? Call us today and see how AlphaGraphics in Idaho Falls can help you get noticed, get business.

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