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5 Steps To Building A Brand Development Strategy

Our Tips for a Successful Brand Strategy

Whether you run a corporate giant or a small town start-up—for any business to succeed, a business brand strategy is essential. A business brand strategy is a plan to develop a successful brand that achieves the goals of your business. With a well-crafted brand strategy, you can identify your business goals and incorporate them into every aspect of your company. This creates a coherent, effective plan of action that unites client demand and business goals so that your business is as successful as possible. At AlphaGraphics in Idaho Falls, Idaho, we can help you form a well-developed and strongly implemented brand strategy that enhances every element of your business and is focused on consumer needs.   

Finding your voice

For your brand strategy to be as successful as possible, the first step involves defining your business. Spend time identifying your brand voice—the tone and energy with which your business communicates with consumers. Because it is often the first exposure to your business that consumers will experience, your brand voice will influence their perception of your company. As a result, your brand voice should be customized to your business goals, company mission, audience, and industry. Identify the aspects of your business that sets you apart from others in the industry, the things that make your company unique, and incorporate that into your brand voice so that your consumers know what your business can do for them. 

Crafting Your VoiceBrand Voice Development

 The voice within your brand strategy should convey the personality of your business while remaining professional, friendly and service-oriented. Use diction like “I” and “you” to create connections between your business and your consumer base, include behind the scenes content or tell stories about real life experiences to evoke feelings of unity and approachability. Once you have crafted your customized brand voice, focus on incorporating it into every level of your business to create cohesion within your company and encourage a sense of dependability among your consumers. 

Creating a Brand Message

Another key to a successful brand strategy is making your business easily marketable. This involves developing a brand message that can be incorporated into a brand logo, tagline, and elevator pitch. Your brand message should embody the main goals of your business, as well as express its unique personality. Like a brand voice, your brand message will be one of the first times your customers are exposed to your company. Consider goal-oriented questions, such as: What is your business trying to achieve? How does this benefit consumers? The answers to these questions should make up the essence of your brand message. Need help answering those questions? See our page on Branding and Identity for more information on how we can help.

Incorporating Your Logo

Once you have established your brand message, you can incorporate it into a brand logo, tagline, and elevator pitch. The brand logo should be a well-developed graphic design that identifies your business. The tagline should be a short, easily understandable phrase that tells consumers the nature of your business. Likewise, your elevator pitch should be brief, concise, and memorable. Create a pitch of your business, which should last about twenty seconds, that incorporates your brand message and will stand out in consumer’s minds. By unifying your brand message, logo, tagline, and elevator pitch, your brand strategy will be a coherent and well-developed tool that promotes your business easily and efficiently. Need help with your logo? We've got you covered with our in-house, world-class team of graphic designers. Check out our page on Graphic Design or Logo Design to see how our team at AlphaGraphics can help with your logo

Identify Your Target AudienceBrand Development Strategy

You can’t get very far if you don’t know who you’re talking to. A motorcycle company probably won’t target the high society women’s club to buy a motorcycle. Remembering that your customers are people with personalities is one thing, but then you need to find a way to resonate and communicate with them on their level and platform. When you know your target audience, you can then develop content that will be beneficial to both parties.  Creating an essential part of your business from scratch can be stressful, particularly when there are so many aspects involved. Don’t worry—AlphaGraphics, in Idaho Falls, Idaho, is here to help you develop the perfect brand strategy that unifies every part of your business and is focused on consumer needs. After you have perfected every part of your brand strategy, we can help you design and print marketable elements that efficiently advertise your business—with your vision, we can assist in every aspect of promoting your business. Call us now at (208) 522-2679 or request a quote below to get started today! [wpforms id="545" title="true"]  

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