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How To Differentiate Your Signs From Competitors

When everyone is competing to get a message to consumers, it can be easy for your message to get lost. Advertising signs are an effective way to get noticed because they are typically memorable and there are many opportunities for repetitionthink of all the signs you stare at while at a stoplight. Considering how many people will see your sign, creating a well-made sign for a low cost will help you receive a high return on investment. At AlphaGraphics in Idaho Falls, Idaho, we want to help your business get the most out of your money. Here are some tips for creating a sign that will help you stand out.

Prime Location Sign Design | AlphaGraphics | Idaho Falls, Idaho

The placement of your sign can make a big impact on its success. It’s important to consider who and where your target audience is. Let’s say you are a pizza place in town. You may be targeting young adults ages 18-30. It would be wise to place a sign where all those people congregate: near the university, apartment complexes or movie theaters.  Signs that are in obscure places far away from traffic won’t benefit you. Avoid obstacles that could potentially block your sign such as telephone poles, parked cars, and trees. You can also make strategic placements of signs with your competition. You may see your competitor has a sign up in a prime location, and you may choose to buy a placement next to it so customers can see both options. 

Professional Design

We can all tell what kind of sign looks professional, and what looks like it was thrown together. A professional sign is made of sturdy materials (we can help you choose those) and effectively uses color, graphics, typography, and space. Investing time and part of your budget into having a professional looking design will be well worth the money. Need help creating your sign? We've got you covered with our world-class graphic design team.

Value Proposition 

A value proposition is a benefit you bring to your potential customer. If your sign just says, “Tommy’s Pizza,” and your phone number, everyone will think, “Okay, so what?” A better sign would include a benefit that would entice your customer. Something like, “Tommy’s Pizza: Buy a Large Pizza and Get a FREE liter of soda!” This sign not only gets your brand name out, but it gives people a reason to come try your pizza. A well-made sign will tell your audience why they should choose your business over competition and what you have to offer. To add value to your business, make sure that your offer is simple and easy to understand. Great signs are typically positively motivated and avoid negatively talking about competition.

Personal Brand

A large factor in your design is your personal brand. As you build a personal brand, you’ll be able to differentiate yourself from the competition. An established personal brand should make it easy for people to distinguish what your company is based on the look, style, and logo of the sign. If Nike had a sign, you could probably already envision what it looks like. They have built their personal brand by placing their swoosh logo on everything they create and using bold, dramatic colors with short copy.  Remember that a great sign adds value and when strategically placed displays your personality as a business through your design and personal brand. As your business works with us at the Idaho Falls AlphaGraphics, you will learn to implement these tips and your business and your sign will be on their way to success. Ready to get started? Request a quote below or call us at (208) 522-2679 to get started today!   [wpforms id="545" title="true"]

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