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Why Self Publishing Can Be The Perfect Option For You

Creating your own book is no walk in the park. It takes hours, days, weeks, months and oftentimes years to complete your masterpiece. During the process, many creators take time to weigh their options when it comes to publishing their work. The amount of today’s well-known authors who were rejected from publishing companies is astounding. Are you familiar with Dr. Seuss? What about J. K. Rowling? Stephen King? Of course you are—we all are. Were you aware that these authors were rejected by several publishing companies before getting picked up and attaining immense success? In 1931, Irma Rombauer, a widowed mother, invested her life savings to self-publish her book, “The Joy of Cooking,” she had worked on for years. The New York Publishing Library has labeled this book as, “one of the 150 most important and influential books of the 20th century.” This book has taught millions of people how to cook various recipes. There is a great risk in choosing to work with publishing companies. You could get rejected or worse—the agent you work with or the company that takes you on may begin to control what you do with your work. Professional Book Publishing, Printing & Design Services | Idaho Falls, ID | AlphaGraphicsAfter spending so much time working on your book, the last thing you want is for someone else to take over. This is exactly why self-publishing is often the way to go. Now, just to be clear: We do not want to discourage you from doing things your way. At AlphaGraphics in Idaho Falls, ID, we want to help you accomplish whatever your heart desires. If you’ve been planning on publishing with a company, we support that choice. If you feel otherwise, here are some tips on how to successfully self-publish your book.

Double-Check your Work

Before coming to AlphaGraphics for our team’s assistance, it’s a good idea to check over your work and make sure everything is the way you want it to be. Re-read the book, analyze the design aspects, consider all other options that interest you. Ask yourself: Do I want my name to be associated with this? Am I proud of what I’ve created? Is there anything else I can do to improve this? We’re here to help. If you’re stuck at a crossroads and you’re not sure of something in your book, give us a call. Our team would be delighted to help you achieve your dreams.

Look at your Marketing Options Self Book Publishing Services | Idaho, Falls, ID | AlphaGraphics

Have you considered different marketing options for your book? Take a look at your book’s cover—the cover in itself is a piece of marketing.  People often base much of their first impression of a book on the book’s cover. If you consider who your audience is, it will be far easier to finalize the cover. Once you decide on a cover, we can help you with the layout and overall design. Do you intend on using social media to advertise for your book? Etsy? Amazon? Do you want to create an eBook option for your book’s buyers? The options are endless, and we are more than happy to help you figure out exactly how you want to publish, distribute and design your book. Our marketing team is experienced. They are here to assist you in pursuing your dreams, so feel free to ask them any questions you may have.

ISBN Registering For Self Publishing | Idaho Falls, ID | AlphaGraphicsPurchase an ISBN

It is vital for you, as a self-published author, to purchase an ISBN for your book. The ISBN serves as a provider for important data about your book to sellers and it labels you as the publisher. Whether you want your book to be picked up by a publishing company or you would like to remain a self-published author, we are here to help you.

Get Started With Self Publishing Now

Are you interested in receiving our services or insights on how to effectively self-publish your book? Feel free to give us a call today at: (208) 522-2679 or come visit us in person so we can chat about your options. You can also request a quote below to get started now!   [wpforms id="545" title="true"]

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