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From Spiral Binding Cookbooks to Case Bound Books

 Keeping papers organized can be an overwhelming task, but when bound into books, scattered sheets can be made quick to find and easy to store. With AlphaGraphics, the binding possibilities are endless. You can create a spiral-bound cookbook filled with your grandma’s secret recipes or a case bound journal, bursting with travel memories. Whatever the desire, AlphaGraphics in Idaho Falls, ID has the binding capabilities you need.

Do it Yourself, But Let Us Do The Binding

We live in a very independent age of “DIY” (do it yourself) projects and “How-To” videos. It makes sense that when it comes to the expensive art of book binding, people are more interested in approaching the task themselves rather than relying on a publishing expert. With AlphaGraphics, you can have the best of both worlds. Our expert team is there to help you choose the best and most affordable binding option while you design and write the book yourself. Self-publishing is made easy with the do-it-yourself options AlphaGraphics provides.

Book Binding Services | Idaho Falls, ID | AlphaGraphicsHow We Bind

There are multiple ways to bind books. The popular, more familiar types, are case bound and spiral bound. Spiral binding is perfect for making school projects with a professional flair, or a recipe book that tucks neatly into the cupboard. A case bound book is the standard binding for hardcover books. Case bindings are a practical choice for any need you may have, but they are also the more expensive and time-consuming options. However, case bound books last well through wear and tear or a lot of tender love and care. The finish of a case bound book is clean and professional. An alternative to case binding is perfect bound books. Perfect binding uses materials such as heavy paper to wrap the pages. The heavy paper is then secured in place along the spine of the book. Perfect binding costs less than case binding and takes less time to produce because they don’t require the services of a bindery facility. Instead, perfect binding is created using the same commercial printers who print them. Whatever binding type you are interested in, our skilled print team will ensure that your book is bound to your exact specifications—given that they meet the requirements for that type of binding. Some binding types won’t meet the function type of your publication or will require a certain number of pages.    AlphaGraphics offers 15 varieties of ways to bind books:   Book Binding Options | Idaho Falls, ID | AlphaGraphics If you know how you want your book to be bound, you simply bring a file of your project to the closest AlphaGraphics business center and a team of professionals will help you print. If all these options sound great and you aren’t sure which one is best, you can work with our team to find the top bind for your book.


The bind of your book will depend mostly on the requirements it meets, but the design is up to you. For example, there are a few different finishing options for your book after it is bound, including an aqueous coating, UV coating, or clear or tinted varnish. While the binding sets the tone of your publication, the finish adds the final touches that will make you want to flick through the freshly pressed pages of a case bound book or to head to the kitchen to cook from a neatly spiral bound cookbook.

Getting Started

With the help of AlphaGraphics in Idaho Falls, ID, you can compile messy journals, add scattered recipes to a master cookbook or take your efforts to clean, professional levels. Self-publishing is not only made possible with help from our professional staff, but also made easy and affordable. Request a quote below or call us at (208) 522-2679 to get started today! [wpforms id="545" title="true"]

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