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The Power Of Signs And How They Can Increase Business

How Signs Can Increase Business

What is the first thing you think about when you think of brands like McDonald's, Target and Harley Davidson? Most people probably think of their logos and signs. These companies have distinct, noticeable signs that advertise right at the front of their store. Even if you have a small business, signage is an easy way to advertise for your company. People will be able to recognize your business from down the street. These signs will draw customers in and boost sales. Signs provide visibility to your store. People can locate your store based on the signs. If the design is simple and matches your branding, customers won’t be confused. It will provide a professional feel and reinforce your brand’s presence. Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing your sign:

Signs Are VisualSimplicity

Simple things are pleasing to the eye. When the design of a sign is too complicated or overbearing, people are less likely to recognize your company. A simple, clean design will communicate your brand’s message at a faster and more efficient rate. Simplicity should be the goal of each sign you create.

Color Wheel - SignsColors and design

Choosing colors is also a huge part of the design. Choose complementary colors, and don’t go overboard. Choose a two to three color scheme. Look at signs from other businesses for ideas and inspiration. Figure out what makes their signs successful or unsuccessful. Creating a color scheme that complements your business logo will strengthen your brand’s presence. Branding unifies your company’s products and/or services. Keeping the same logo or design for your sign will make things uniform and coherent.

Signs - SALEPlacement

Placement is key. If you have an amazing sign and people don’t see it, it won’t serve a purpose. Keep a sign in front of your store or in close proximity. People will be able to spot your store and direct others to it as well. If you have two incoming doors, place a sign in the front of both. If you have a big parking lot in front of your store, place a sign on the sidewalk, making it easier to see from the road. Visibility is key. Test out the best places to put your signs and go from there. While storefront signage is important in advertising and branding your company, signage can also apply to: For a full list of signs AlphaGraphics offers, click here.  

Getting Started

Signs are a great way to promote your company. Whether you choose to promote your business with signs on the front of the building or directional signs driving traffic to your business, signs can help increase the flow of customers. Don’t be the only business on the block without an inspiring sign! If you are having trouble finding and creating a sign, contact us at AlphaGraphics. Not only can we offer our printing expertise and help you choose materials, but we can also help design your signs based on your current branding. Don’t make another thing in your to-do list seem impossible! Get to AlphaGraphics for help! Request a quote below or call us at (208) 522-2679 to get started today! [wpforms id="545" title="true"]

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