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Increase Your ROI Through Cross-Media Marketing

The Benefits of Cross-Media Marketing

Cross-Media Marketing, also known as Multi-Channel Marketing, is using a variety of advertising methods together in a single marketing campaign. Some of the best marketing tools are: personalized emails, pURLs, direct-door mailers and social media. By utilizing each of these channels for advertising your business, this helps to create a stronger brand impression on your customers. It also ensures that more of your customers read your message, whether your message appears in a direct mailer, social media, or an email.

New Email Cross-Media MarketingPersonalized Emails

Personalized emails are more important than many businesses realize. People are constantly checking their emails via smartphone to stay up-to-date, making it a great way to connect with your customers and build a relationship in a fast and cost-efficient manner. Emails can easily be personalized with your customer’s name, creating a more lasting impression.

PURLs (Personalized Landing Pages)

Personalized URLs, or PURLs, are web pages created by businesses for their customers. These web pages are customizable, trackable, and most importantly, personalized with each customer’s name. The link sends each customer to a website which has been customized to fit them and their needs, creating a stronger relationship with your customer while building your knowledge of marketing analytics.

Direct MailersDirect Mailer - Cross-Media Marketing

Many businesses fail to realize how direct mailers are the only form of advertising customers can physically hold. While customers often tune out or ignore television, radio, and billboard ads, they take the time to read mailers. Direct Mailers can be made personable by including a customer’s name, their specific needs and a personalized url printed directly to it. Mailers are a quick, efficient way to increase brand awareness in any given area and for any target demographic.

Social Networks - Cross-Media MarketingSocial Media

Social Media can easily be utilized to successfully market your business, products or services. The top four social channels to turn to are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Each of these sites make marketing your business simple, allowing you to choose which demographic will see your posts or advertisements. This form of marketing is a quick, easy and affordable way to reach your audience.

How It All Ties In

Each of these marketing techniques used together can create a successful marketing campaign. This combination helps to connect the digital and physical world, creating a stronger brand experience through repetition. Whether your customers are more exposed to your brand online or through physical printed ads, a combination of marketing techniques ensures your customers will see them. Another main reason is recognition. The more a customer is exposed to your brand and message, the more likely they are to remember your business. This is especially beneficial when they need a service your business provides. You want your business to be the first thought that comes into their mind. Besides customer recognition, integrating these channels is a great way to receive instant feedback from customers, provide customized messages directly to your target audience and ensure your messages are seen on a variety of sources.

Why AlphaGraphics?

AlphaGraphics is a marketing communications company filled with professionals who know how to utilize each of these marketing tools in order to achieve your goal. Whether you want to use social media, pURLs, personalized emails, direct mailers or a combination, these marketing tools will be used to reach your target audience and give important marketing data back to you. Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our marketing specialists.

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