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Building A Solid Business Relationship With Custom Greeting Cards

Printed Greeting Cards

Greeting cards, among other printed materials, are always fun to receive. By receiving consistent, personalized mail, customers feel involved with the businesses they subscribe to. These printed materials serve a variety of purposes, but the main purpose is creating and maintaining the business-consumer relationship.

Video Game Greeting CardCreating the Card

Every card that is written, organized and printed should be created with a specific purpose in mind. Before starting this process, ask yourself: What is the message I want to convey? Once you’ve pinpointed your message, focus on the design element of the cards. How will the cards’ colors, shape, paper and envelope contribute in conveying your message?

Benefits of Personalizing and Customizing

Businesses can take this creative process one step further by personalizing the cards. By personalizing the cards with the addressee’s name or company, a bigger and more lasting impression is created. Customers feel that the business cares, as they have taken the time to personalize the cards. This lasting impression can motivate customers to continue purchasing the business’s goods or services. Personalizing through variable data printing is a vital step in order for your message to stand out. With AlphaGraphics, adding names of customers or businesses to your cards is easy; simply enter the information into the provided spreadsheet. Those names are then printed directly onto the cards or invitations, making them memorable in the eyes of the customers, without a lot of invested time on your part. But personalizing cards doesn’t stop with greeting cards and invitations. Another good use of personalized cards are for business announcements. Customers feel involved when they’re informed of events happening in your business. Let them know why the news is good and how they can benefit from this information. Announcements can be personalized with the customer’s name, as well as bright colors, in order to grab attention or convey excitement about the announcement. Greeting CardsThe change in seasons is something to take advantage of. You can add a touch of fun to your cards by customizing your cards to match holiday colors or events. Including the bright reds and greens for Christmas makes information more intriguing, while the muted oranges and browns keep the message’s mood more relaxed, as they reflect fall and Thanksgiving. While giving you an opportunity to further express your business, these steps set you apart from companies who don’t take the time to customize and personalize. Thank you notes are a smart way to start or continue a relationship with your customers. Sending personalized notes leaves a good, lasting impression of your business. It shows customers that you’ve taken the time and gone out of your way to personally thank them for their business and how you value your relationship with them.

What AlphaGraphics Offers

AlphaGraphics offers many different methods to customize your cards. When working with us, you have the ability to choose from a variety of artfully-crafted templates. These templates can be found here. Simply choose a card template, write your message and upload the list of recipients. You are then able to proofread each card before placing your order. Next, AlphaGraphics prints your cards and ships them directly to you. Another option is to bring in your own design or have one of our designers create a custom card for you. Any personal logos, photos or branding can easily be incorporated into your cards. As for the card itself, customized shapes and sizes are always an option, along with the choice to add accent colors and a variety of envelope options. As the customer, you can choose which high-quality paper stocks and finishes your card will be printed on. These options are here to help your card make an impression on your customers. AlphaGraphics is here to provide any insight or help for the customizable options you need. With all of these options, what message will you create and send to your customers?

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