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Promo Products, What?

Hot Promotional Products of 2016 Have you ever noticed that when you give someone a good promotional product, they thank you for it? How many other forms of marketing will people thank you for? We’re fairly certain no one is grateful for the pop up ads that plague our computer screens, for that commercial we have to sit through before watching a YouTube video, or for that billboard that breaks up an otherwise pristine skyline. A promotional product is truly one of the only forms of advertising that people will not only thank you for, but they’ll keep and use it repeatedly, giving your business increased exposure and a fantastic R.O.I. This catalog contains over 150 products, from essential items to the extravagant – all from core suppliers that we know and trust. We encourage you to look it over, keep it handy, and then visit for more great ideas. Now we know that anyone can create a great website, so we’d invite you to utilize one other great resource… The AlphaGraphics Promo Team! We’re here to advise, consult, and to provide fantastic ideas that will help you hit your mark. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your AlphaGraphics sales rep today. Thanks! The AlphaGraphics Promo Team

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