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8 Tips to Help Boost Your Email Marketing Click-through Rates

Have you ever tried to run an email marketing campaign only to get a flood of “Unsubscribes” in your email inbox? As frustrating as it may be, this is often the case for many businesses who are just getting around to trying to market themselves via email. The click-through rate (CTR), or percentage of individuals who click a link inside your email, is a great way to measure how well your campaign is—or isn’t—working. Keep in mind that the average CTR for companies who perform email marketing is very low—not even 3%. We want to share eight tips that can help you improve your email click-through rate when engaging in an email marketing campaign.

Add Value

The more value you add, the greater your CTR will be. The greatest way to add value is to very quickly demonstrate the benefit of clicking the link in your email. For example, you could offer a 10% discount for all those who buy one of your products within the next 5 hours. To further bolster the value of what you’re offering, tell your readers about the benefits and how you differ from the competition.

Mobile-Friendly Emails

A good portion of your email list will most likely read it on a mobile phone. If your email doesn’t display correctly, there’s a 100% chance that someone will delete it and (incorrectly) assume that it was spam. Before you send out your next email blast, try sending it to your personal email account and then try to view it on your mobile phone. If something seems off or you can’t click a button or link, try using a different program to design and send your email.

Experiment with Different Send Times

There are countless studies out there on the internet that claim to have found the ideal time and days of the week to send an email blast. The truth of the matter is that you really don’t know until you test it out. Start off with the standard 6 pm-7 pm and then test out 6 am, 9 am, noon, and 3 pm. Other studies have shown that Saturdays and Sundays have seen the highest CTR in an email marketing campaign. If a particular time/day didn’t produce much, note it down and then try another time/day combination until you get it dialed in just right.

Add a Video

Videos can help increase your click-through rates by up to 60%. If you decide to add a video, do NOT embed it into your email. That’s a good way to get it flagged by the spam filters. Instead, upload the video to YouTube, then add a thumbnail image (of the video) inside your email. Then hyperlink it directly to YouTube. Alternatively, you can also host the video on your website on a dedicated landing page.

Hire a Copywriter

Your email’s subject line and content are critical to convincing people to open it up and click through. If you find yourself lacking in writing skills, considering hiring a copywriter. They can help construct a powerful and persuasive subject line and provide you with ample ideas for content.

Experiment with Your Call-to-Action

Your call-to-action (CTA) is your final chance to convince someone to click on through. While it can be something as simple as “Learn More!” or “Claim Your Discount,” you should try to experiment with different CTAs and see which one gets a bigger response.


Email marketing has been around for quite some time. This has given many savvy internet users a proverbial third eye when it comes to spotting what they consider “spam.” Generic emails really don’t work as well as they once used to. This is why you should try to segment your audience into buckets and then send out a totally custom, personalized email (above and beyond putting their name in the first line of the content). If you have access to your business data, look at the last few purchases each person made, and then provide them with product recommendations that you think they would enjoy.

Use Psychology Tactics

People nowadays often listen more to the emotions inside their heads than they do reason. Take advantage of this and employ one of a few psychological principles, such as a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) offer in which it expires in just a few hours or a couple of days. You can also try to create scarcity by telling email recipients that only a limited number of products are available for purchase.

Email Marketing Help in Alexandria and Arlington

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