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Free Signs to Help Alexandria and Arlington VA Restaurants Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Coronavirus crisis is an unprecedented time in the history of our great country. Never before have we seen our entire economy come to a grinding halt for such a long period of time. Many businesses in the Metro D.C. area have been affected in one way or another. For those fortunate enough to be open and considered “essential services,” business is often but a trickle of what it once was. This is why several AlphaGraphics centers in the Metro D.C. area have come together and are offering a free sign so that hard-hit restaurants can advertise that they are still open and offering curbside, carry-out, and delivery services. “In this time of crisis, we are grateful to find small ways to help our neighboring businesses who are finding creative ways to keep their doors open and their staffs employed,” says owner Jay Thomas. “Many restaurant owners have supported our business since we opened our doors in 1983, so we are looking for ways to return the favor during this devastating coronavirus outbreak.” The six AlphaGraphics locations that are participating in this free sign program are:
  • Leesburg (Virginia)
  • Chantilly (Virginia)
  • Springfield (Virginia)
  • Tyson’s Corner (Virginia)
  • Gaithersburg, MD
  • Alexandria/Arlington (Virginia)
Interested restaurateurs just need to contact the closest location for more details. There are several other signage options that Virginia and D.C. area restaurants can use to help them operate during this crisis: Sandwich Signs – Sandwich, or A-frame signs as they’re more commonly known, are an excellent way for restaurants who offer drive-up ordering to advertise their menus. It allows the person inside the car to quickly read the daily specials and offerings. A-frame signs come in many configurations, such as chalkboard, magnetic, and custom UV and weather-resistant inks and materials. Directional Signage – For those restaurants that are offering curbside ordering and pickup, traffic flow and safety are important. There are several signage options that can help keep things running smoothly. Exterior floor graphics such as directional arrows or driving/parking instructions can be placed in parking lots to help keep traffic moving and prevent congestion. They’re weather-proof, tear and scuff-resistant, and will easily adhere to almost any surface including brick, stucco, stairs, pavement, cinder blocks, and wood. You can have them printed up in black and white or bold full-color. More traditional exterior temporary signage offers a way for restaurants to promote sales or provide traffic/parking directions. Choose from one of several different materials such as wood, aluminum, glass, foam core, vinyl, and acrylic. Outdoor Banners – While most people are sheltered at home, those who work for a business or organization that’s deemed an “essential service” are still out on the road. You can advertise to them that you’re still open via a large outdoor banner. There are many mounting options available, such as adhesive hangars, Velcro, metal grommets, and popup and retractable stands. Outdoor flags offer a visually attractive and eye-catching way of letting drivers know that you’re open for business. By their very nature, they’re designed to flap and flutter in the wind. This motion will cause drivers who are sitting at stoplights to turn their attention to the flag. Kiosk Display – Many restaurant employees are working in two locations at once—outdoors as they take orders and indoors as they place them with the kitchen. An outdoor kiosk display provides them with a base of operations to store menus, writing instruments, order pads, and even condiments to pass out to the drivers at curbside pickup. Kiosk displays are sturdy, durable, and can even have an outdoor umbrella integrated to help protect the restaurant employees from the sun or rain. You can have your restaurant logo printed up on the front or get creative by adding a menu or other essential contact information.

Restaurant Signage in Alexandria and Arlington

AlphaGraphics in the Metro D.C. area cares about our community and is here to help support you and your business through this crisis and beyond. In addition to creating the perfect sign to help advertise your business or direct traffic flow, we can also help you with your marketing needs. We’ve helped countless Alexandria and Arlington restaurants, businesses, and organizations over the years design and create the perfect sign. If you’d like to learn more about our design or event sign services, give us a call at (703) 549-2432 or contact us on our website.

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