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Spotlight Focus: Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are a cost-effective way of enhancing the look and feel of any office or building. They’re modern, sophisticated, and look just like glass—without the added weight or risk of shattering into a million little pieces. If you’re looking for a signage option that will accentuate the interior of your office and make a professional first impression, we want to share with you the value and benefits you’ll get from an acrylic sign:

What is Acrylic?

Acrylic is a transparent, colorless, and durable material that’s made out of polymer. It has a look and feel of glass but is significantly lighter. This means it won’t shatter or fracture if accidentally damaged or dropped onto the floor. It’s known by several brand names, including Lucite®, Plexiglas®, and Acrylite®. Many offices will use it in place of frosted glass as there are a wide range of colors and finishing options to choose from.

Making Your Acrylic Sign Stand Out

One of the most significant benefits of acrylic is that it is highly customizable. Here are a couple of ideas to help make it stand out a bit more:
  • Non-Glare Acrylic Material – Great for offices that are highly illuminated.
  • Borders – Adding a border to the sign helps the eye focused on the text or design.
  • 3D Effect – You can create an interesting 3D effect by taking a piece of clear acrylic and adding a solid background color.
  • Transparent – Since acrylic is transparent, a combination of colors can be used on both sides that will create an eye-catching effect.
You can also work with a professional designer who will provide you with many great ideas that will make your sign pop even more. For example, some offices will have the acrylic painted a solid color, such as white, and then have their logo or design transparent. This creates a see-through effect and adds a little pizzazz to the overall design.

Customization Options

Acrylic comes from the factory in thin sheets or thick blocks, which allows the designer a wide range of customization options such as printing letters, numbers, or images onto it with a UV ink. The transparency of acrylic offers a wide range of design options that will help it stand out. You can create unique looks by printing different colors on the front and backside. You can also print your design or logo on the back—thereby giving it extra protection from scratches or cuts. Many offices will take advantage of the eye-catching properties of acrylic by using it for internal or external wayfinding signs. Door signage, desk nameplates, and interior office directories made out of acrylic look just as good—but are more durable—than a standard glass sign. You can also achieve a frosted glass look or polish the edges, which results in a smooth yet shiny finish. It can also be cut into 3D shapes and patterns, then illuminated with an LED light to create a visually stunning way of displaying your company logo.

Installation Options

Acrylic signs tend to work best and last the longest when installed on clean, flat surfaces such as internal walls. While they can be installed on textured surfaces, such as stucco, you’ll need to add a few anchor bolts to safely secure it. Cable display systems allow for maximum installation flexibility. You can have the sign hung via a thin but sturdy wire in the reception area, which will create an illusion that it’s floating in the air by itself. Nickel, chrome, or stainless-steel standoffs can also be used to make the sign pop a bit more. They only require four small holes to be drilled into the wall and, once installed, create a unique offset look. A small but noticeable shadow will occur and create a sense of depth and an overall 3D effect. If your office lease doesn’t allow you to modify or drill holes into your wall, you can always use high-strength Velcro or one of many durable adhesive options. Acrylic is very light compared to glass, and it will securely mount to the wall with any number of non-drilling installation solutions.

Maintenance of Your Acrylic Sign

While acrylic can be used for outdoor signage purposes, it can scratch, chipped, or get warped if repeatedly exposed to the harsh outside elements. Due to its transparency and increased outdoor lighting, these imperfections might be more noticeable. Cleaning and maintaining an acrylic sign is very easy. Simply take a non-abrasive cloth, such as a dishrag, dampen it with water, then gently wipe away any accumulated dirt or grime on the surface. You won’t need any harsh chemicals or cleaning agents to restore it to its original glory.

 Acrylic Signs in Alexandria and Arlington

If you would like to learn more about the benefits that an acrylic sign can bring to any office or are ready to speak to a professional designer about your next project, give the professionals at AlphaGraphics Alexandria and Arlington Va. a call at (703) 549-2432 or contact us via our website. We’ve helped countless Alexandria and Arlington businesses and organizations over the years design and create the perfect acrylic sign. We’re experts in both signage and marketing and can provide invaluable advice that will help your business achieve its marketing goals.  

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