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How can we help you keep in contact with your customers when you cannot touch them?

I love going to the united states post office. Not something you hear people say everyday right! But I do, it is one of the highlights in my week. Nobody will argue that USPS is an iconic American institution. As a child from the early 70’s and 80’s, I remember the USPS adverts and stamps. I only realized how big an impression it was when I saw my first American Bald Eagle – the one used as the Postal Service’s official seal - in real life at the beautiful Fort Worth Zoo in June last year after moving to Fort Worth (best kept secret and most amazing place in the whole world) in April 2019. Around the same time, I met the people I now call my friends at the bulk mail office at Mark Iv Parkway. I wanted to add bulk mail and EDDM as a service to our business and was blown away by the professionalism and knowledge Steven and Graham offered to me. Since the first few meetings – me with tons of questions and the two of them with equal amounts of patience – our center can provide our customers with mail services I never dreamt of possible. The list is long and the benefits to both us and our customers huge. The words "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds" have long been associated with the American postman. Turns out Steven used to be one, so he is always available to me with this dedication in mind. Turns out Graham was a US Marine, taking care of my customer’s mail “Whatever it Takes” and making me know they and I matter every time I drop off mailers! I am so proud to know them both. To see what these people do for us, take a look here. To every USPS staff member that serves us, “Thank you”, we appreciate y’all for going the extra mile! No contact with customers is having a critical effect on businesses large and small. So how can we help you keep in contact with your customers when you cannot touch them? We have a few tools which can keep your business in contact in this difficult time. One of these is mail. Let us help you with physical mail to send critical communications to your customers. To help our customers affected by self-quarantine and social distancing, AlphaGraphics Fort Worth is waiving our setup and delivery fees to the value of $72.80 in this time. We are also able to assist you with personalizing mail pieces at a reduced fee if needed. ✔​  Scalable for any size business. ✔  Send invoices, business communication, postcards, letters or EDDM. ✔  Get it done in half the time. ✔  Securely mail documents without ever touching a piece of paper. After 240 years of service, the United States Postal Service now delivers more mail than any other post in the world. The Postal Service delivers to more than 154 million addresses in every state, city and town in the country. Your proud legacy continues to be symbolized by the forward look of an eagle. In support of our friends and valued business partners at the United States Postal Service, we need to clarify that companies in the mailing and shipping services are considered essential services. In a letter from the USPS "Postal and shipping workers, including those in the private sector, are also considered essential critical infrastructure workers under recent guidance issued by the Department of Homeland Security. White House and CDC guidance has also stated that such industries have a special responsibility to maintain normal work schedules." The intent is to ensure that key parts of the mailing and shipping supply chains remain open during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. We are therefore proud to be part of this group and are OPEN FOR BUSINESS to help you communicate through us. There is no more important time for mail than now. On behalf of all of us at AlphaGraphics Fort Worth, we’re committed to being your partner and persevering together in all the days and years ahead. Call us or mail us to ask us about how we can help you with these services.

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