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Stand Out With A Specialty Business Card

Specialty Business Card Options

Networking meetings may seem like a great place to make a lasting first impression, but with so many people milling about making small conversation, it’s hard to stand out. Luckily Idaho Falls AlphaGraphics’ specialty business card options can help you impress others in large crowds or smaller, intimate settings. With countless materials and finishes, you are sure to make a statement.

Spot/UV Business Cards

If you are looking for a finish that looks professional and is environmentally friendly, spot gloss or spot varnish at AlphaGraphics is the coating for you. Spot/UV finishes are used for curing a varnish placed on the product and can be applied to an entire card or certain parts. Very little varnish becomes a gas during the curing process, which protects the air from harmful pollutants. This finish enhances shine and color while also protecting it from elements that could wet or damage the product. The final spot/UV result is a durable, exceptionally printed, specialty business card.

Foil Business Cards

Objects with a little shine are sure to capture people’s attention, which is why AlphaGraphics offers a, “Foil Stamped,” finish to their specialty business cards. Foil stamps leave cards looking chic and snazzy with metallic, ultra-glossy colors, shimmers or textures. Foil stamping is done by using heated dyes to press a pigment or metallic foil to paper. Typically, cards will only have a portion foil stamped, like the logo. The extra impact it makes will have people mesmerized.

White Ink Printing

While every AlphaGraphics finishing option is clean-cut and beautiful, white ink will surprise you with its possibilities for intricate designs. When white ink is used as an underlay for colored ink on a dark stock, the colors become so vibrant they practically pop off the page. Even without colored ink, when dark stock cards use white ink it makes a stark and beautiful contrast.

Embossing Business Cards

The technique of embossing leaves a spectacular finish. Embossing gives a business card a raised texture, which heightens specific elements to make them more apparent. With Idaho Falls AlphaGraphics, your embossed specialty card can literally stand out.

Die Cutting

When delivering a specialty business card, some people want something a little, “out of the box.” With die cutting, companies and individuals can create custom-shaped cards that represent their brand in a unique way. Using medium to high run paper and card stock, AlphaGraphics can turn a regular rectangular card into something new and impactful.


The finish of specialty business cards adds flair, but the style and material can also communicate a bold statement. There are several varieties of cuts including rounded or over-sized, and other style options such as vertical prints, double-sided and folded. Multiple options for the material will also allow your specialty card to help you leave a lasting impression. Some choices are standard or heavy card stock, coated finishes, metallic, plastic or magnetic—and in any color. With so many specialty business card options there is no limit to what you can create. You can rest assured that your specialty cards will be the best of the best when they’re printed at AlphaGraphics in Idaho Falls Idaho.

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