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Fairs and Trade Shows: What AlphaGraphics Can Do For Your Business


Fairs and trade shows are great ways to advertise your business to a large audience in a quick, efficient manner. It allows customers the time to approach your business, ask questions and get to know you and your business on a personal level. This year, as we move into trade show season, here are some tips on how to best prepare your booth with AlphaGraphics to attract the most attention.


All of the materials brought to a show need to attract the customer’s attention, while efficiently representing your business. Signs and banners are a great way to show off your brand to consumers from a distance, grabbing their attention and bringing them in. We offer big, bold signage that serves this purpose. In addition, we offer specialty roll-up banners, canopies, backdrops, sleek exhibition flooring, and more to help decorate your booth from top to bottom. All of these products are designed to attract attention, while setting your business apart from the others. Trade Show Book With Large SignsAlphaGraphics’ most popular product is the Banner Stand, a retractable, 7-foot sign. The banner is quick to put up and take down, comes with a case for easy transportation, and will grab the attention of the people nearby. For those in charge of running the whole trade show, AlphaGraphics can help advertise your event with posters, signs and flyers. In order to manage and direct traffic, arrows and signs can be printed out to be set on walls, floors, or stands. Interior floor decals and graphics are a must in keeping the event running smoothly.

Trade Show Booth SignsDisplays

While large signs draw customers in, the displays surrounding your booth will continue the booth’s theme and keep customers interested. Items such as table cloths, canopies, backdrops and exhibit walls are bigger and capture a lot of attention. The canopies, backdrops and exhibit walls make your booth more personal and enclosed, while the other display items such as rack cards, name badges, order forms, apparel and more, are used to continue the booth’s theme. All of these products can be customized to add to your business, logo, motto, and colors. These products keep the unity of your booth while serving as constant exposure to the business. This repetitive exposure of your business and logo is necessary to leave consumers with a lasting impression.

Giveaway items

Promotional items are a key element in making your booth stand out. Not only are customers attracted to booths that offer free promotional items such as pens, key chains or backpacks, but those items help advertise your business long after the trade show is over. These items are a perfect way to have consumers hold on to your advertisements and interact with them on a daily basis. We offer products such as T-shirts, pens, pencils, flashlights, backpacks and 700,000 more products, all customizable, to fit your need, no matter your business. Writing With Promotional PenAccording to, before receiving a promotional product, 55% of people had done business with the advertiser. After receiving a promotional product, 85% of people did business with the advertiser. This increase in business is why having giveaway items at fairs and trade shows is so vital. If you are a business preparing for or hosting a fair or trade show event, come on by to AlphaGraphics. When you’re armed with our products, your booth is sure to stand out from the crowd! Or you can talk to one of our specialists at 208.522.2679

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